Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thank you Canada!

There are days when I get tired and sometimes I wonder if all my work is actually making a difference, any doubts I had were squashed yesterday. Friday January 15 1010 was an exciting day here in Thembalethu, after a lot of hard work, tons of fund raising and lots of preparation it was finally possible to make a big dream come true. Sixty-six children in Zone 4 of this community received school uniforms, including shoes, trousers and shirts/skirts. This was made possible by the many generous people who donated funds to the Themba Development Project school project. Without this help these families would have to go without food in order to pay for these essential school uniforms.

Thank you for your kindness and allowing children in need to receive an education without giving up food!

There are times when people walk into your life and they give you exactly what you were needing. Last night a man came to me and opened my eyes. I think before I knew that what we were doing was good but I didn't really "get" the full impact of my actions, this man ignited a new fire inside of me. Last night I enjoyed a glass of South Africa brandy (it's really cheap here!) with Gcinisizwe and two men who were walking by. These men live in Zone 4 and one of them was really an incredible man. This man is 49 years old, his parents have both passed away, and his wife is gone. He looks after this three children alone. For two years this man has not been able to find work, there is an estimated 80% unemployment rate in Zone 4, and it seems that the only people who do find work are young and strong. This man told me that for the last 18 months he has received food from The Themba Development Project, and this is the only food that his family is able to consume. They have no money to buy even the most basic of food. He told me that because of this food his children are surviving.

Sometimes it is easy to get lost in the "work" of this world, I focus on fund raising and accounting and programs, I try to keep focused because there is so much need and where I am only one person it is my focus that keeps me from becoming overwhelmed. With this focus though I think it is possible to forget that it is actual people who I am working for, and this man and his children are the reason why I have been working so hard. I thank the universe for sending him my way last night.

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